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  1. FYI the latest Zip file update has a copy of the older 436 directory included in it along with the new 107.
  2. Thank you very much for the quick responses, it works great now! One other item I wanted to share feedback on is the text color in the drop down menus for like "Browse" and "Activity" at the top. Maybe consider making the menu items be white color or bright light blue like other text so they are easier to see. Again, thank you for the great support and quick responses.
  3. Gallery Feed. (ie: Gallery images that are displayed on the main homepage (not going into the Gallery itself)).
  4. Wanted to share that the Twilight theme has a Gallery display issue where pictures run down the length of the page as opposed to displaying across. Also the "Theme" button at the bottom doesn't work when clicked on.
  5. Wanted to share that this theme currently has a Gallery issue where the pictures run all the way down the page instead of across. (this is using the latest IB updates) Also the "Theme" drop down doesn't function. When you click on it to change themes nothing happens.

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