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  1. Spring Fling issue

    Upgrade, let me try a fresh install of the theme
  2. Spring Fling issue

    The shoutbox will not load on the Spring Fling theme. It works fine on the other themes. I had the same issue with my 4.1.17 themes I was using from here. I suspect it was some small thing that was missed in the theme upgrade.

    thanks, all set


    I have no download link for Bucked up or Spring Fling
  6. I have a question

    Glad to hear it Pete!
  7. I have a question

    Why bother rebuilding this site then abandon it again? What is the purpose?
  8. News Update

    Not much action around here
  9. What are your plans after 4.2 is released?

    Looks like you are making progress on the website. Not sure why in the world you needed to shut it down the way you did.
  10. I am not sure who to thank

    Until they close.
  11. What are your plans after 4.2 is released?

    It is very strange to see so many ups and downs here. Pete comes in to the rescue and Sherri bails again. She has not been on here since the middle of November. How many of you do not even visit one of your sites for a month? I know she has had internet issues but please.
  12. Just wondering when Christmas Noel is going to be upgraded.
  13. I think a fair price would be the $10 yearly fee.
  14. I purchased the Christmas Noel theme back when it was 4.1. Am I going to have to purchase all over again or can I pay an upgrade fee?
  15. What are your plans after 4.2 is released?

    I am really happy that the themes are finally being upgraded. It came too late for me as I have moved on. That is not to say I won't buy one of Sherri's seasonal themes when they are upgraded. Hopefully this will rebuild people confidence in Sherri's themes, if they see that they are being upgraded.
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