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  1. Well, the free forum just did not work out for me so I got a hosting package. I will probably repurchase some of your themes once 4.4 comes out
  2. Nope, I am retired. 15 years was long enough. Forums will never be able to compete with Facebook no matter how many similar features they have.
  3. Love Pumpkin Patch. it was one of my favorites.
  4. Very nice, wish I had a forum to use them on
  5. Yep, I setup a free forum. Unfortunately cannot use custom themes like we have here.
  6. Woffie

    My Full Time Return

    So glad to hear it Sherri.
  7. Hey Sherri, Hope you are enjoying your semi-retirement. Will you be doing a summer theme anytime in the future?
  8. As of Saturday I retired from running forums. I have been doing it since 2004. IMHO, forums are dead. Yes, there are forums that are active, but for the most part Facebook has killed forums. I will miss it, but I am looking forward to not having to be tied down by it. Anyway, thanks Sherri for providing these great themes over the years.
  9. Woffie

    News Update

    Even I can't make a dead website look like it is not. The decay smell is starting to get strong.
  10. Woffie

    Theme updates?

    Do you think the current themes will work with 4.3?
  11. Woffie

    Theme updates?

    We are on 4.2.7, all themes are still 4.2.6. Are you going to update them?
  12. The back end must have been in BAD shape.
  13. Woffie

    News Update

    Trying to make it look like the site is not abandon, it is a full time job! LOL!
  14. Upgrade, let me try a fresh install of the theme
  15. The shoutbox will not load on the Spring Fling theme. It works fine on the other themes. I had the same issue with my 4.1.17 themes I was using from here. I suspect it was some small thing that was missed in the theme upgrade.
  16. Woffie


    I have no download link for Bucked up or Spring Fling
  17. Glad to hear it Pete!
  18. Why bother rebuilding this site then abandon it again? What is the purpose?
  19. Woffie

    News Update

    Not much action around here
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