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  1. How do I get a response?

    I just got home and paid for the text logo change. Where should I look for it? Thanks,, Ron
  2. How do I get a response to a text logo change for a theme I just bought? ( Twilight ) I've been using the support tab, the message tab, and email, numerous times for the last two days, and I haven't seen any results or directions to get a simple text logo change. Ron
  3. Well, at least I'm not alone!!
  4. Giving Up!!

    I'm ready to discontinue Invision Power Services and the attendant themes. I'm finding it impossible to get a response to Support requests anymore. Ron Beatteay www.pixations.com
  5. Support

    I'm trying to get some help with some themes. Nobody is responding to my support requests.. ??? Ron
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