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  1. thanks for the update
  2. Hi looks like its to small now, sorry to be a pain and no rush as I know your busy. if you point me in the right direction I will adjust my self.
  3. Appreciated as always Thank you
  4. Hi The category title font is to large in 4.4.3 compered to 4.3.6. See the screen captures below to compare. Large font showing on this forum also. Thank you IPB 4.3.6 IPB 4.4.3
  5. @Sherri Not seen you about for a couple of weeks so hope all is well and your exams went ok 4.4.3 is the latest version release, hopefully you can now find some time to update the Cambridge theme as I am keen to upgrade. Thank you
  6. just as I am about to upgrade IPB put out 4.4.3
  7. Probably my new subscription needs authorising before I can download.
  8. just had to renew my subscription but no download showing by 4.4 ? Will check back later as just on the way out, thanks again
  9. That's good your on the mend Thanks Pete
  10. Sorry to here your wife's still waiting for surgery, hopefully she will be treated and on the mend very soon. How's the wrist ? getting any easier to use or still have the cast on, I remember when I broke bones in my hand and was very painful and had to put up with it as I had broken my arm in two places at the same time. Yes its only my old faithful Cambridge theme, but don't worry I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment. very good of you and thank you. Happy Easter
  11. been here for 5 years now so fully aware of your past and current issues and a regular visitor on this site, it frustrating when I don't get a response of some sort to a simple question. I have people keep asking me when the sites going to be updated, so in turn I ask here. Not sure what was wrong with my deleted comment but I will move on and trouble you no more.
  12. @Sherri Sherri It probably took you longer to delete my post than simply reply to my question? Can I have an update when the themes are going to be possibly updated, it will save me keep coming on here looking each day. Thank you
  13. Fist thing You need to do is fix your SSL certificate on this site, my browsers show an unsecure error before you even get to ibtheme. some people wont go any further when they see the warning. Can you give me an idea when the updates to the themes will be completed, my only interest is Cambridge but I want to get my forum updated. If I have some sort of time frame I don't have to keep coming on here each day looking. Thanks
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