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  1. bearback

    Geode 4.3.4 released!

    just an update, when viewing a comment text appeared cut off at one end, refreshed browser and all text appeared. Checking IE11 settings, temporary internet files was set to auto. after googling I changed this setting to "every time I visit a webpage" and now when I visit a comment I can see the text automatically expand fully and can read all of the text. very strange but this worked for me anyway.
  2. bearback

    Geode 4.3.4 released!

    how strange
  3. bearback

    Geode 4.3.4 released!

    what did you change? once I refreshed on each theme the missing text in the post corrected its self in each theme.
  4. bearback

    Geode 4.3.4 released!

    this theme has the same IE11 issues as Cambridge, text being cut off to the right hand side
  5. bearback

    Geode 4.3.4 released!

    yes I agree Cambridge is great theme, been using it for years.
  6. bearback

    Cambridge editor issue?

    I actually use both edge and IE but IE does not work on some websites now anyway as its to old. one of my members was moaning it did not work on IE8 !!!! I told him to upgrade or use a different browser. not going to help with something that outdated.
  7. bearback

    Geode 4.3.4 released!

    i like this one looking to get a new replacement theme for my forum so might purchase this one later. if i can drag my self away from my favourite Cambridge theme, sure Pete will be pleased when i stop using the Cambridge theme
  8. bearback

    Cambridge editor issue?

    fully agree with you there, wish people would not use it and use an alternative browser. never really understood why this theme has had so many problems with IE, even in the early days when I was using it with IPB 3.4 there was issues. never mind
  9. bearback

    Cambridge editor issue?

    Hi thought my issues were fixed but returned to my forum today and checking ibtheme.com both issues with text being cut off in posts and editor have returned. what I don't understand is when viewing this forum and my own when the fix was applied they appeared to view fine, yet today my own forum and ibtheme the issues are back again. I also got a couple off members to view through there own pc using ie11 with the same results. IE with text cut off/ missing editor test in ie same view using edge browser, text appears fine editor in edge fine
  10. bearback

    Cambridge editor issue?

  11. bearback

    Cambridge editor issue?

    thanks Pete think it looks ok now, is it an easy edit that I can sort my self on my own theme?
  12. bearback

    Cambridge editor issue?

    Any further with a fix for this issue, thanks
  13. bearback

    cambridge theme issue

    "Geode" also has gap between the topic title and description when using smaller devices, ipad tablet etc
  14. bearback

    Cambridge editor issue?

    No problem Pete, thanks for a reply. not sure what we would do if you weren't around
  15. bearback

    Cambridge editor issue?

    Sorry just found another issue, when people are posting its missing some of there content. The issue appears to be IE 11 when using the editor to post a message, when you type a message it gets to about three quarters of the way across the editor and the type disappears instead of starting a new line. if members then post the content the text from the right hand side wont appear in there post, tried to explain the best I could. IE 11 EDGE Browser

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