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  1. Sorry to hear your having problems with your wrist, wishing you a speedy recovery as your support is really valued by us all. There are so many themes to update that you need some help at times like this.. Wish I could help but coding not my area. Its unfortunate that Sherri not about Again and does not help out at times like this, especially when your struggling with your wrist and snowed under with work.
  2. +1 for Cambridge May be Sherri can help Pete with the upgrades?
  3. do you mean on Cambridge or the latest theme added here?
  4. I am a bit puzzled my self and even tried a new install of the theme and also same on my demo and here on ibtheme, might well give up on this theme what screen size are you using? mine is 27 and if I manually reduce the browser width the text corrects its self I have tried a few of the issues my users have reported and can see the effect viewing the comment with cut off text and if you refresh the browser it corrects its self. does not always work but 98% time it does, see screen captures before with cut off after browser refresh
  5. was looking through the themes for a replacement and geode, pumkinpatch, united we stand, all have the same issue with text being cut off and the editor issue. What I have noticed, if you go to a theme that does NOT have this issue when the page loads the text in the message box expands from where its being cut off to fill the message box fully so there is no cut off. If you refresh the page you will see what I am trying to explain. With the theme that has this issue the text does not expand past where its being cut off. Not sure if that makes any sense
  6. Hi Again just getting back to this issue of the text being cut off to the right hand side using IE 11, its the same on this forum as it is my own. Not sure why this keeps happening as I thought it was fixed in the last version my forums the same
  7. I even went over from IE11 to edge and it still would not post the reply, also tried logging out and back in. Think I remember it happening once before but did sort its self out. so I would not worry to much on that one. Thought it was odd how the text cut off and editor issue is back as it was working ok in the last version after you fixed it.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. For some reason I cannot post to the old topic, comes up with reply error? so created a new topic. Sorry to say I have just realised after updating to 4.3.6 the issue is back again with text is being cut off on the right had side when using IE11. also the editor issue is back again when you fix the issue could you give me the edits so I can update my current forum, rather than update with a new fixed theme Appreciated as always, thank you
  10. bearback

    IPS 4.3.5 Beta 2

    Hope you had a good break, that's the trouble when you provide a service people get to rely on you. Does Sherri not help with the updates or help around here ? never seems to comment or let us know what's going on etc., except when there's a new theme released
  11. bearback

    IPS 4.3.5 Beta 2

    How's the 4.3.5 theme updates going ? Thanks in advance
  12. just an update, when viewing a comment text appeared cut off at one end, refreshed browser and all text appeared. Checking IE11 settings, temporary internet files was set to auto. after googling I changed this setting to "every time I visit a webpage" and now when I visit a comment I can see the text automatically expand fully and can read all of the text. very strange but this worked for me anyway.
  13. what did you change? once I refreshed on each theme the missing text in the post corrected its self in each theme.
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