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  1. bearback

    News Update

    thanks 😊
  2. bearback

    Cambridge update (4.3.2)

    does not bother me about the shoutbox as I don't use the it on my forum but shouldn't the shoutbox be backards compatible? For example I have many members who still use IE, not everyone can upgrade to use edge
  3. bearback

    Cambridge update (4.3.2)

    Hi Pete sorry cannot see shoutbox, never loads for me so cannot see chat text. using IE 11 see screen capture
  4. bearback

    Cambridge update (4.3.2)

    Hi I know its only just come out last week but any news on 4.3.2 update for Cambridge theme. Thank you
  5. bearback

    Excellent support Pete.T

    Just got to say, great support from Pete.T, always goes above and beyond helping with any issues. Appreciated as always, added some dollars to your Tea fund Cheers Gaz
  6. bearback

    cambridge editing theme colours

    ok, never mind must have got confused with something else. it would be good if these settings were working in future versions, saves keep editing the template. thanks for your reply
  7. bearback

    cambridge editing theme colours

    that's strange as it was working when we were back on 4.2.6 as I adjusted all the various colours as I wanted them displayed
  8. Hi could you just check that the theme editor is working using, button, frontend, text colours as I cannot get these working IPB 4.3.1 and the latest updated theme Just as an example I changed the main colours to bright red but nothing changed on the theme, I have tried this on my active forum and a test forum with the same results. I disabled any plugins and cleared cache but no effect, thank you
  9. bearback

    Cambridge - Use Rounded Photos option problem

    that's sorted it, much appreciated thanks
  10. bearback

    Cambridge - Use Rounded Photos option problem

    yes that does correct it, thank you The only thing I cannot work out is to change the members name so its the same colour as the rest of the quote text (white)
  11. bearback

    Cambridge - Use Rounded Photos option problem

    ahh yes you are right, did not notice that when using my ipad. On my pc if I hover my mouse over where the word and icon is it shows up.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. bearback

    Cambridge - Use Rounded Photos option problem

    There's another issue with quoted posts, the date, time are present but quoted members name is missing and also the right hand icon option that takes you back to the quoted post is also missing. it appears correctly in your message editor but once posted name and icon is missing. the issue also shows on this forum if you look at quoted posts, I think it was ok with version 4.2.6 going by some of my posted content. It's only on recent 4.3 updates but not 100% thank you

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