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  1. I just want to say nice job on the Geode design Sheri, it's beautiful. I love it. Xeriteq is still my favorite I think,but this is truly amazing as well. Great work!
  2. Ryan

    Theme updates?

    Hi Sherri, When are we going to get an update for 4.x for the Xeriteq theme?
  3. Hi Pete, I've often wondered why you have 2 themes in the Theme Shop that are both named Twilight and both look the same? What is the difference between the two? If one is different slightly in some way, shoudn't they be named differently so as not to confuse customers? Like if one is darker and one is lighter (which I can't tell by looking at the screenshots), you would name it Twlight (Dark) and Twilight (Light) or (Lighter) and (Darker). or use v1 and v2 or something. If they are identical then you should simply remove one of them from the shop. Ryan
  4. hey Pete I hope you don't mind me making another suggestion for the site. I really like how on the shop you have a small logo (background image with nice font text) for Themes and Addons & Services. (https://www.ibtheme.com/store/) Yet two of the options, Premium Memberships and Plugins are just plain black, and do not have a "button image". I think it would look better if they did too. You could just find a cool background somewhere, crop part of it, then on a new layer type over it with a nice font. anyway, that is my feedback. I hope you don't mind it.
  5. Hi there, Just wanted you to know I saw a similar problem, when clicking on the shop drop down menu from the Xpaider theme. All the hyperlinks are hidden unless you hover over them. Otherwise they just aren't there (or visible).
  6. I had anticipated this. Please see my PM for my specific question regarding Xeriteq pricing. Thanks.
  7. i figured as much. Was just wondering if it happened to anyone else before. Turned out this one was something my web host had to fix. A server side issue. And it was my test site, one old version of 4 to the latest. soon I will have to do the same on my live site, which is version 3.4.8. Not looking forward to that upgrade. Every time I do an upgrade I end up having to contact support. Maybe this time we can break the cycle, maybe....
  8. I'm waiting ti go to IPS Support til my morning or i get back from PT, whichever comes first . So I am just curious.
  9. Did anyone else encounter a cookies or sessions error when trying to upgrade their boards from 3.x to 4? (or 4.1 to 4.2 also?) From right at the very beginning?
  10. Much better!! Great work Pete!
  11. I think the first thing you see when you go to ibtheme.com is the forums. They are heart of this community. They are active and alive. And it makes people think, oh, to "participate I either need to login or register, and then there are other things to explore" like any other forum. But if you go to the root domain from a blind man's eye you cannot see the register link in the top right corner that Pete pointed out to me. What you see (from a user that is not logged in) is front and center "You must be logged in to view this site/content" type of message, nice and big and in the very center of the page, with no easily viewable link to the forums, which I think Pete also had to point out to me. If you have a hard time seeing things and you are a new user, you would thing the site is offline or on lockdown/closed for business. That is what I thought when I came back to the site after several years of being away. If you decide to leave as is, you would be better served moving the registration link and forums links closer to the front and larger perhaps so they are more discernable and viewable to those of us who are just barely visually impaired (not impaired, but almost, and not glasses wearers, not even after an eye exam). I tried a few different themes as well. I had the same impression. I did of course try my credentials and I was able to get in just fine, so my concerns were somewhat asuaged (sp.?), and finally completely put to rest by Pete when he explained the layout. But I would like to offer the feedback in public as I did in private, though in its proper place. Perhaps it will help you obtain more customers (after the shop is back online) that may get confused on initial arrival at the site and leave under the current layout. Warm regards, -Ryan
  12. What about upgrades from a 3.4.6 (technically .8 but I think it was designed for .6) to a 4.x (latest version)? Obviously not free I know but what am I looking at from a price standpoint?
  13. I was shocked that I had to login to access the site. Normally these websites are open to the public to attract new customers, since I wanted to show my friends some of your other themes since we are finally upgrading from our ancient and beloved 3.4.x and our theme we purchased here a long time ago and one that is no longer offered though it is a damn shame because it is awesome. Not that all of your other themes aren't awesome as well, why do you think I keep coming here to check the place out every 4-5 months (sometimes less) to see what you got going on? Its just that we fell in love with this one theme and it was specific to our forum's sci-fi RPG needs. Not too dark, either, which was a must. The theme is called Xeriteq 3.4.6 by Evanescence (see screenshot of my site, which is about to be upgraded and is offline, and will soon no longer support this great theme we have loved for more years than I can count). Sadly version 4 doesn't support the theme, and no no version of it is being made, so we held off the upgrade for several years, until our web browsers are starting to not support the old forum version. I know she isn't doing stuff any more and that Sherry took over and I had hoped Sherry would have taken over keeping this one going. Sherry's work is just as good. Anyway, I'll get off my crybaby box for a minute. Why the heck is the site locked down to registered users only? And any idea when the files will be back? I just now decided to upgrade our website, and then find out files gone, I picked a bad time. My staff and community won't like this
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