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  1. Here is the same error as with Seascape and Here Comes Santa. Arcade links wrong and Group Name Indicator is missing. Find that a pity, so nice styles with a lot of mistakes.
  2. Right, that you can not think of everything. But is only for the styles that are for the version 4.4.8, the others go.
  3. What I have noticed, the Group Name Indicator is not displayed. All styles except Seascape 4.4.8 & Here Comes Santa 4.4.8 will be displayed.
  4. These are the new problems, that was not the mistake. It was about the Kategrie Links. They lead to the index of the forum, which they still do after the update.
  5. Unfortunately, the problem was not resolved, quite in the opposite direction, now the pictures are gone from the games ... See by fanfan
  6. Sorry, just stand on the hose, what file?
  7. From designer mode, I have no idea. I'm also very grateful for the help here.
  8. I did the following, uninstalled and reinstalled the style. Now it is synonymous me indicated. How can I disable the group ad only in posts? Since I have formatted username and want to keep the index? The whole thing would look better if the group ad did not exist. As well as here, if the red admin were gone, everything would look better. Know me a bit with css, that's all.
  9. Yes, but no users in there, because I still set it up.
  10. Okay, I followed the steps. I also inserted it in css. Only it is not displayed in the forum.
  11. Sorry that I interfere. If we take the example here, where do you have to upload the graphic? uploads / set_resources_Style_Number?
  12. Hi, have a problem with the style Seascape. Unfortunately, the links from the created categories of Arcade are not correct and lead to the homepage of the forum. Also the preview popup will be shown by the forum and not as expected the information about the category. How can I fix this? With best regards
  13. Thanks Pete T, Unfortunately, your proposal did not produce any results. As the CSS class commented out, it worked. Sometimes you just need to step in the right direction. /* .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_read { opacity: 1.0 !important; } */
  14. Yes, no new post should be grayed out according to IPB. This also works with other styles, but not those from here.
  15. Have in the forum own icons before the topics. Actually, the gray should be deposited, if there is no new contribution. This is not the case, how can you change that, which are the gray ones. With kind regards
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