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  1. Nothing is down there now.
  2. I can't do a screenshot but it rolls out of the "box" and off screen.
  3. Albur

    Several bugs

    Just loaded the 4.4 version and the Our Picks photo issue seems to have resolved thankfully. However the Forum Unread icon is too large for the subforums and significantly throws off alignment. For the Blogs section, the title overlays on itself and the color disappears as black - should be white. The Polls feature is completely out of alignment And the text to View Results or View Topic is black just like the button it sits on The Albums sidebar has an "overlay" issue with text: Within the Gallery, the title of photos is lost as black: In the Store, the category section just looks off - like it's missing a top bar or something, the gradient isn't seen anywhere else in the theme, and the icon to indicate is way too light. The Subscriptions tab is off on alignment
  4. We're having the same issue with the Vitality theme. Hopefully a quick fix in the works!
  5. We're digging on Vitality! Thank you so much for updating it!
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