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New! ►Spring Fling 4.1

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Spring Fling 4.1




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Spring Fling 4.1




Works with the latest versions of these applications:




  • IP.Board 4.1.xx

  • Admin Control Panel

  • IP.Commerce

  • IP.Pages

  • IP.Downloads

  • IP.Gallery

  • IP.Blog

  • IP.Calendar

  • IP.Chat


Included in the download:




  • Theme XML file for installation

  • All fonts used throughout the theme

  • logo.psd

  • team-icon.psd

  • IBTheme copyright and license agreement

  • Admin CP is themed to match forums




















IPB 4.1 Themes







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Lovely theme, thank you Sherri! signthankspin.gif




Will this theme be kept up to date reasonably quickly after new IPS versions are released?





I ask because with an alternative photo background for the header, it could be a great theme in terms of colours for one of my site that uses only Pages and Gallery (its to do with the town's annual flower show/garden fete) , but I don't want to fall into the old trap of having an intermittent great theme which people love and get used to, then it having to be removed to go back to basics, then several months later bringing it back again, rather than a 'permanent' appearance.





BTW, I saw it on the IPS site where there is a small type that's crept in, it mentions using it all year round, not just for Valentine's Day.









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