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The Old Man

Any plans to upgrade or release new themes?

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Hi Sherri,





I was wondering with 4.2 being released in mid-summer if you had any plans re IBTheme for now? As you know I love your seasonal themes and have done for many years as a Premium Member (10 years this October!), but IBTheme very sadly seems to have died a slow, lingering, painful death with no new theme releases for some time and in the recent years, your much sought after seasonal themes being released at the last second instead of a couple of weeks before, which seems like a time management issue; no offence intended, honestly but as a customer and someone who relies on a timely seasonal theme service, its really stressful when your members PM you about it, also because I ask for donations towards running the site and paying for the great seasonal themes.





The existing themes are all quite outdated, with no updates so that anyone purchasing the themes can use them continuously on their websites and keep up to date with the latest security updates and features IPS release.


Apart from short half-life seasonal themes, I can't see anyone considering using one of the longer use custom theme as it probably makes sense to stick to tweaking the colours via the AdminCP.





In January you said we were going to be hit with a load of themes, but there is no Easter theme. It can't be easy as a theme designer. I'm actually now using the default IPS theme here at IBTheme because there is nothing up to date with which I presume is in use here. The recent pink Valentine/General theme was good for a few days and perhaps for cancer charity websites which are often pink, but otherwise the creative and management well is seemingly dry.





So sorry to say this, as I know it must be frustrating for you too!





Anyway, just thought I'd stop by to see if anything is going on or planned...





Just to add, I think IPS should showcase your seasonal themes on their official forums during Christmas, Halloween and holiday times!




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