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I just wanted to say, I was not prompted or asked to make this post.





I am a lifetime member, and well worth the prices I paid for.





I also run a similar business, (specialized video hosting), and I can tell you, unless you have a serious budget for advertising, you are not doing this for the money.










For me its more of a hobby, and I enjoy the work, takes the edge off things. I suspect it is much the same for these folks.





The web hosting business is SATURATED, and its a rough go of it just to break even. IPB is a webhosted application, and facebook and twitter, is kicking all of us mom and pop business's .










As a lifetime member, I dont have to ever pay a thing again, however, I think it is a good idea, to kick the owners some chump change now and again.










It isn't so much to pad their pockets or make them a fortune, but it does make them think what they are doing is important, and feel like they are doing something special in an unspecial world.










I just sent some beer money, I suggest everyone here do the same.










Keep these people going........DOWN WITH FACEBOOK I say, support Mom and PoP !!!










Good Luck Sherry and crew!









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