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The Old Man

Merry Christmas IBTheme

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I stopped by to grab the Christmas Noel theme and to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

In all honesty, after being a client for over 10 years, now I'm just totally confused! I know Pete has done a wonderful job of getting all the themes updated.  The following is no reflection on Pete, Wotsit or Sherri.

  • The site is crawling along, pages taking forever to start loading. It was yesterday too.
  • All of the new Pages content has gone, just a default article.
  • I had to reset my password after one attempt to log in locked me out for 15 minutes.
  • The reset email got auto spammed by Gmail, when ?I tried to figure out why since IBTheme is in my contacts list, I realised its now being sent from a personal account.
  • The site says IPS Themes, not IB Theme.
  • Sherri admitted a lot of the IB Theme themes were outdated, and would be replaced. A new framework developed etc. Have they been replaced with themes from IPS Themes? They are very nice themes, but will we still have Sherri artistic seasonal themes?
  • The navigation is all over the place. I can't find any details of my Premium Membership, it says I've never bought anything.
  • There are references in the news forum about the being owned by someone else, who redirected the site to Invision Power Services, now we may need to re-register if a member of the previous site. No idea, what that's all about! I joined IBSkin then it got changed to IBTheme. Now it says IBS Themes? Who owns the site these days? Who is holding my data? 
  • Is all this connected to all those weird hacking emails sent out via CC instead of BCC, that revealed all of our email addresses?
  • Is it all connected to the strange business practices, periods of absences etc?
  • Why did the Chatbox go? Why the delay in restoring it?

I honestly wonder what is happening as a customer, I'm looking for some genuine reassurances. Where are all the Themes? They are in the IPS Marketplace, I can't believe any business site can be run like this especially at Christmas.  I can't see how after all the returns, reassurances, promises that I could still recommend IB Theme if its still called that or how I could renew my subscription.

We need some transparency, regular news updates, what is the plan, what's happening with the business? Has it been sold? Are we members of IPS Themes? What's happening in terms of security re our personal membership data etc? Will IB Theme be GDPR compliant? Probably best not to go there just yet!

Lots to think about, but hopefully 2018 will be a better year for all at IBTheme.com, staff and customers.

All the best.

PS. After composing this post and saving it, the site logged me out and showed me as a guest! Aargh. Thank god it saved my content in the Editor. Let's try this again.

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IPS Themes is my company and my own work and IB Theme is Sherri company and her work, we both will be running the site all files will be back don't worry as for slow site little unsure why that could be but i look at that. As for login issue clear you cookie's and see that solves it normal fixes any login issue if still have issue let me know and check why.

As for news please stay tuned i like get all files back online fix a few tweaks and then post every update for new year i do hope answer the questions if missed any please feel free send me message my inbox always open.

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Thank you Pete, much appreciated. My post comes across as a mix of rant and frustration, so apologies for that and for not seeing your reply until now. I'll check my notifications options.

I can see you've been very busy sorting things out. The site loading seems more responsive today.

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3 hours ago, The Old Man said:

Hi Pete,

I don't know if you know but it doesn't seem that we can download anything yet. There are options to buy but not to download?

Many thanks.

I will check now should be option download give me few mins.

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