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Hallows Eve Theme for IPB 4 Released!

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We've brought back an old favorite and revamped the Hallows Eve theme for IPB 4.3. It has just been released in the IBTheme Shop!

Preview Hallows Eve live on our forums at www.IBSkin.com / www.IBTheme.com


If you've already purchased this theme for IPB 4.0 or above, you do not need to repurchase it. Simply log in to your client area on our forums and download the latest version if your annual renewal fee has been paid.


I have ONE Lifetime Premium Membership available for anyone interested in becoming Lifetime Premium Member. This means you will always have access to every single theme we ever release, and all our past skins and themes, anytime you want for as long as we exist (which I hope is a very, very long time). You would never again have to pay for a theme or a theme upgrade. This is a HUGE savings with all the new themes coming out and all the old skins we are bringing back to life for IPB 4. The cost of this is a one time fee of $275. If you are interested, please send me a PM on our forums or email me at IBTheme@gmail.com and I'll generate the invoice for you. Also, we have regular Premium memberships available for 6 months, 1 year and 2 years for those interested in a short term premium membership. See our subscription packages HERE.


At this time, I am taking orders for custom theme designs as well. The cost is $400. You pay $200 deposit up front and the remaining $200 on completion. If you would like to have a custom theme designed, please send me a PM on our forums or email me at IBTheme@gmail.com.


I know a lot of you may be concerned about the constant upgrades and having to repurchase your themes and such. It can get frustrating and very costly to have to maintain your forums with all these upgrades, trust me, I know. So to put your minds at ease, you can rest assured that you will NOT have to repurchase your current themes for the new upcoming IPB 4.4 when it's released. We have implemented an annual upgrade fee for our themes to insure that you can continue use in the future without the burden of having to keep shelling out money all the time. Most themes in our theme store are set up for a once a year $10 renewal fee which covers the cost of all these upgrades. You have already seen this in action if you have purchased a theme from us in the past year or so. So rest easy and happy shopping! Your investments are safe and you will NOT have to purchase your themes all over again for IPB 4.4.


Vitality_00.png.5c782656e491a5a5ebd149d25e9de178.png BusinessOne_00.png.e3d8a077ec5d8d072e1c1c85779e4e7f.png BusinessTwo_00.png.9366f40e6f610ff8bd315999b2808f15.png Geode_00.png.5571cb87dea9be555e9abddf5415398e.png

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Love this theme too :)

I would have the same feedback on this one as the Happy Halloween about all the text at the very bottom center (Themes, Contact Us, Copyright etc).  If those could be changed to something like bright orange so it was easy to see it would be helpful to a site visitor that wants to change to another theme.  I know what to look for so its not a big deal, but thinking about users who may not be.

Thank you again for the great work :)

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1 minute ago, Rayman4449a said:

Thank you I will check it out :)  

Note in the Premium download area there is both "Hallow eve" and "Hallows eve" listings.  

I removed old one Sherri must missed it when she updated it ready for this year.

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