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IBTheme Sale This Weekend Only!!!

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ALL themes in the IBTheme Shop are on sale for 20% OFF for this weekend only. Starting NOW! Sale ends Sunday night at 11:59pm est.

Use coupon code: HALLOW20

We just released BOTH Halloween themes this past week and our old favorite "Pumpkin Patch" theme will be released TONIGHT! With all these great new releases, you may want to consider on of our premium membership packages. 

ALL premium membership packages are on sale $10 off. (No coupon needed)

Premium membership is the best option to save you money on all our new theme releases and to insure you don't have to pay upgrade costs. It's handy for making sure you get a new theme for every holiday event too. We have a TON of new themes and old favorites headed your way in the days and weeks to come. You'ave already gotten a pretty good taste of the steady flow of new releases these past couple of weeks. I am soooooooooo excited to be back in the swing of things, so it's only going to get better every day!! 

Here's just a few of the themes currently in the IBTheme Shop...

HappyHalloween_00.png.fecd06ee1e646e6954f06af1bba3e47c.png HallowsEve_00.png.a004178c0740da941701a8b349b2c2f4.png BusinessOne_00.png.60e002cc1b42334ba75ef47874b929ef.png BusinessTwo_00.png.c03944c67fb99bfbce76e50fcd4a050b.png Vitality_00.png.9da487cfe980020176f6c9af83231326.png Evave_00.png.6592b180a583dbe12205d38a12e5a242.png Xpaider_00.png.e5ab9bc9680e4f3f2cde7a333847f404.png Geode_00.png.0687dffc91f090d07fdae5be6cb59dad.png AutumnNature_00.png.c7a401d860754e4f98a09a6c3554853b.png IvyLeague_00.png.12274e0630db2774dbf45938a845520b.png Twilight_00.png.03c4b69bc6f295a24b6ca20d60ae6df3.png Cambridge_00.png.352a401cf64189b686f43c923d9c4537.png

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Wonderful!  The themes are beautiful as always.

One question, on the Happy Halloween theme, the "Theme" and "Contact Us", "copyright and other text are dark and hard to see.  Can we change that ourselves or is that something you might could change to purple like the others?

Great job again!

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