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IB Theme F.A.Q

Q1. How quick will get my theme once paid for the item.
A1. Within few hours depending on Paypal sending the funds to IBTheme account.

Q2. How often can get updates/support for my theme.
A2. Every theme comes with 1 year support + updates to latest version.

Q3. IPS Community Suite has update when will the theme be updated.
A3. If the update is Beta we have no plans to update any theme to Finial once finial is out we aim have all theme updated with 1 week after the update, unless more then 1 update during that period.

Q4. How can find if my theme is latest version.
A4. We will provide update here say what theme we updated please Do not use support ticket as will be closed with no reply.

Q5. I have error on my forum how can get support.
A5. Please first use the forum provide details error report or error you have and we will look at issue if we need more details we ask you submit a support ticket, please don't submit ticket to we ask or will be closed with no reply.

Q6. I have membership will have accress to all themes.
A6. Yes if have 3 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year or 2 Year membership you have accress direct all theme we aim update this first followed by the shop accress.

Q7. I have billing issue what should i do.
A8. Please support ticket with detail message what the billing error is.

Q8. Can i upload any theme to third party site.
A8. No if you found upload any theme from here or file you be banned with no refund any Paypal issue will highlight that you have been uploading copyright items without permission making the issues closed with out refund from Paypal.

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