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Michael Lachney

Themes in Fluid View

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I installed a total of about 12 themes. Most of the themes still need tweaking. The members of my forum are asking if the Fluid View can be fixed to have a solid background making the topics easier to read and also the sidebar where you can check which topics to view.  It's not just one theme, I would have to fix about 6 of them. I can manually edit the template or CSS, but need help on where to edit in the template.

Broken Theme:



Members requested a background such as in this theme that seems to have one.



Thanks, Mike


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1 hour ago, Pete T said:

Thank you again Mike good news i now patched this up :) keep report any issue please because without your help bugs can't be fixed.

Thanks, the bug in fluid view isn't just on French Country it's in most of the themes. Fixing just French Country doesn't fix it elsewhere. I no longer see French Country in the Themes drop-down on this site. Nor do I see Here Comes Santa in the download area. Pete T, I'm going to PM you.

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French Country should be display now sorry was permission issue, and i am aware more themes will require the patch and will be upload few themes tonight with new update, Here Come Santa not fully finished yet but i aim have uploaded tomorrow at lastest if i can.

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